News and Newsy Notes of Robert ÆOLUS Myers

"Hey, we just found out that the Retrospective was named #12 best reissue of 2017 ", Roger Bong of Aloha Got Soul.

July 4, 2017

Toward Love Mixtape By ÆOLUS uploaded to SoundCloud.

My recording affiliates, my fans, and even some music bloggers have a requested a mixtape. This is my response. Note my flute playing on Dusk in Durabai and Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, cuts one and seven.

June 24, 2017

I will be supporting Shubal and Ashley in a “paint blistering” kirtan at Kusum Institute 7:30 p.m., Saturday, June 24th. Be there for a real treat.

Here is a little snipet from that evening. Click the still above to be taken to a short video.

June 23, 2017

The Night Kitchen and The Garden Party. Big Sound, Small Footprint.

June 21, 2017

Make Music Portland is a day-long, totally free musical event, aimed at bringing local performers into the spotlight. Along with hundreds of cities around the world, every year on June 21 we ring in the longest day of the year with music and artistry. Go here for the Facebook event page.

June 7, 2017

Had a great visit with Jeremy of Origin Peoples yesterday discussing future projects, guidelines, and timelines. Watch for it. Had him up to the office after a lunch at Nosh, where we started chatting about Twin Peaks’ associations and the benefits of New England living.

May Day announcement of an upcoming concert with Devadas at Merriconeag Hall on the campus of the Maine Coast Waldorf School for Sunday, May 28th. A one of a kind event - ambient music to warm up for call and response chanting.

Go here for tickets and here for the Facebook listing.

March 22, 2017

Apple Music finally has it right. All my digital work downloadable under Robert ÆOLUS Myers is listed correctly. Thanks to Roger Bong of AGS Records for helping clean this up and a thousand fold for producing “ÆOLUS: A Retrospective” originally available on Bandcamp. Much of this music and as yet unheard selections will be performed at the Album Release Party + Live Performance at Magick City in Brooklyn next week - Thursday, March 30th. Hope to see you there.

Back to the lab. A weekend to be spent in the music room preparing for the March 30th Album Release Party in Brooklyn.

March 4, 2017

Get your tickets today. Showtime is Thursday, March 30th at Magick City in Brooklyn.

Robert ÆOLUS Myers - "Deep"

From the anthology release, ÆOLUS: A Retrospective, on Aloha Got Soul. Download now on Bandcamp: Video by Roger Bong

A Retrospective by ÆOLUS drops in two days and we have buzz. Jason Black has written a wonderful article about the release and a good portion of the back story for Bandcamp Daily and it has gotten some great traction.

Myers, now 63, lives in Portland, Maine and works as a counselor and psychotherapist, as well as continuing his passion for music with various side projects. But it’s been exciting for him to connect with Bong, to bond over Hawaii and his early electronic compositions—and collaborate on this exclusive Aloha Got Soul reissue. “Roger has been a joy to work with,” Myers says. “He’s very musically informed and impeccable in his business acumen. His mission to bring forward undiscovered and underexposed Hawaiian music to a wider audience is inspired and genuine. I’m honored that Roger found me, and I’ve been enlivened by his energy and diligence for our collaboration.”

The article got noticed by John Diliberto of ECHOES fame who saw it posted on Ambient Music Guide’s Facebook page. Thereupon I was befriended by John, and two lovely artists from Romania, Daniel Dorobantu of Thy Viels ( and Marius-Christian Burcea, Psychotherapist, Radio Host, Photographer, who remembers my work from the Global Pacific days when he played music from the Fruits of Our Labor album on his radio show.

Small world. It is this type of aurally tuned artists and compatriots that are gonna do our share in helping the planet over this hump we seem to be stuck on. More intersections and collaborations to come. Where there is great need there is great assistance.

And let’s not forget the music. Here is a new piece recorded just last week - Dreamscape from the Night Kitchen. Enjoy

ÆOLUS: A Retrospective, the vinyl double LP, will be available at Bull Moose in its Portland, Mill Creek, and Scarborough locations Friday, February 17th. It is otherwise available for order or digital download at Aloha Got Soul Record's Bandcamp site -

Much is happening. The Album Release Party has been booked and promotion has commenced. “ÆOLUS: A Retrospective” has been pressed and is being shipped to distributors. It is ready for the February 17th release of the double LP. It is looking like it might sell out close to the release date if not sooner as distributors have put in their orders approaching the pressed number. I have a few set aside for the local record store Bull Moose and a batch for the Release Party.

Jan Jeffies, The Rhythm Speaker and my old music partner when in Honolulu will be playing with me at the Release Party. Liam Little, current resident and model in Brooklyn and the dear son of my good friend Kirk, will be debuting his magnificent art collection at the event, which is being held at Magick City.

I am so excited I could bust, but there is much to do. I have been working to get the music ready for its current incarnation. I have awakened the old machinery and been uploading original samples to my Dell PC ready at the push of a button. These pieces are not rearrangements but new and improved copies of the original works. I will not bore you with the technicalities beyond that, but it is much like stuffing a loosed genie back into a much smaller (and cleaner) bottle.

And life goes on as usual. I have been taking my jaunts to play with Shubalananda and Ashley and will be guesting with Ravi and The Solar Dynasty Band for a kirtan in New Hampshire on Saturday. There is even a couple of upcoming dates for the Woodshed Mystics.

I have uploaded a previously unrecorded song to SoundCloud sans the flute part. Give it a listen here.